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I had been wanting a leather sheath dress ever since I read this article on the dressing up/dressing down. Bits of leather have been sneaking into mainstream fashion over the years in unexpected ways – in colors, shorts, peplum tops.. I think it was the latter that was my first lemming, although I never did get one. Among the few pieces I did bring in was a leather sheath dress from ASOS. It was my intention to add it to my LBD repitoire and wear it to the husband’s holiday work party.. however, they went with a 70s disco theme this year and so it seemed doomed to lurk unloved in the back of the closet. That was until I came across this image in WWD of a leather shift and nude flats.



I work in a pretty khaki office (business casual and all that), so I was a bit hesitant about strapping on full body leather and coming off a bit metal groupie (or worse – sad cougar) but as I’ve said before.. I put on my big girl panties and went with it. I was careful to avoid any “tough” details (think spiked collar) and pulled in more ladylike pieces. I wore it with my Liz Clairborne tweed jacket and simple nude pumps, pulled my hair back into a tight pony (no aqua net here), and kept it pared down with my plain black workaday bag. I didn’t want to go to prissy, though, so I added in a few of my rings to give a slight nod to my boho.. maybe a scarf next time??

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